Johnson to announce stricter measures for Covid-19 in UK

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, seen on March 22, tested positive for the coronavirus 10 days ago. He's been admitted to a hospital for testing.

The UK could soon face Level 5 restrictions due to COVID-19, which Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce soon.

Boris Johnson will give a television address to the nation on the new closure plans for England at 8pm this Monday, January 4.

The Prime Minister is expected to call for tougher measures, which could include plunging the entire UK into Level 4 restrictions and closing schools.

Ministers are also prepared to move the Covid threat alert to five, the highest level, reflecting there was a “material risk” that the NHS could be overwhelmed, according to the BBC.

COVID-19 mutation triggered infections in the UK

It was reported to Somagnews that, Johnson will speak directly to the nation after cases skyrocketed due to a new variant of Covid-19. MPs will also be called to Parliament on Wednesday to discuss the new and stricter measures, Downing Street said.

The move comes after Scotland announced a national closure, including school closings, from midnight tonight until the end of January.

A spokesperson for No10 said: “The spread of the new variant of COVID-19 has led to a rapid increase in the number of cases across the country.”

“The Prime Minister is clear that further action must now be taken to stop this increase and protect the NHS and save lives.”

Speaker of the Commons Lindsay Hoyle said it was necessary to recall Parliament, but advised MPs to participate remotely.

In a letter to MPs, she said: “Based on my advice on the previous recall, I strongly recommend that you DO NOT physically come to Westminster to engage in any business unless absolutely necessary due to the current dire public health situation.

“Members’ staff should also work from home and I have asked House authorities to keep House staff on the farm to a minimum.”

Prime Ministers have been under immense pressure to act on rising infection rates, which have skyrocketed amid the emergence of the new Covid strain. She admitted that “tough” measures would be taken, but did not say when.

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Boris Johnson acknowledged that there was “no question” that further action would be necessary on a visit to a vaccination center in London on Monday.

Jeremy Hunt, the longest-serving Conservative health secretary, demanded that schools and borders be closed “IMMEDIATELY,” while Labor’s Keir Starmer called for a nationwide lockdown for the evening of Jan. 4.

It came as the death toll in the UK rose by 454 the day before to 75,024. There were another 54,990 cases as a new variant emerges.

The most recent data shows a 33% increase in the number of coronavirus patients in hospital in England between Christmas Day and January 2. Currently, there are more Covid-19 patients in English hospitals than during the first peak in early April.

It was thought that a part or all of the 22% of England currently in Level 3, would move to Level 4, which closes non-essential shops and prohibits almost all social gatherings.

But SAGE’s government advisers had warned that even Level 4 would not be enough to control the spread of the new Covid-19 strain.

That left the Prime Minister with difficult decisions about how to go further, including schools, which were closed for most students during the March closure, but not the November closure.

Elementary schools were to be fully open in all areas of the council except 60 as of today, despite a new variant of Covid-19. But a large number of primary schools outside of the 60 worst-hit areas in England refused to open.

But it was understood that this week more closures beyond the 60 areas would be approved if the councils formally requested them.


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