Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine study stopped due to illness


In the USA, the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson stopped the coronavirus vaccine study, which was continuing clinical tests, after an unexplained disease was seen in a volunteer.

The pharmaceutical giant has not made public what the unexplained disease is, but notes that such accidents are possible in studies with large participation.

It was also stated that clinical studies were conducted to see the side effects.

It was also stated that the studies were stopped until the question of whether the disease was related to the vaccine study or whether it developed as a result of coincidence.

Speaking to CNN, Dr. Ashish Jha said that Johnson & Johnson is carrying out the largest vaccine study with 60,000 people, within their knowledge.

Dr. Ashish Jha added that there may be pauses in a study of this scale.

  1. The company started phase three vaccination studies in September.
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