Johns Hopkins University published a new COVID-19 map for the USA


Johns Hopkins University released a new version of the COVID-19 map on April 13.

We talked to you last January about the map developed by the US-based Johns Hopkins University, which allows you to track the spread and effects of the Corona virus worldwide. Johns Hopkins University released a new version of the COVID-19 map on April 13.

The published new map is divided into two parts: world map and USA map. Let’s add that with the new map published, new infographic and detailed information are shared in the USA. Unfortunately, the mentioned infographic and detailed information are not shared for other countries.

Let’s add that the special section reserved for the USA is very similar in design to the first map published by Johns Hopkins University. When you enter the US section, you will see a detailed US map and states. You can see the total number of cases, deaths, tests and number of patients recovering in detail.

Let us also mention that you can see the states and cities in the USA on the new map published. By clicking a point on the map, you can also see the number of cases, deaths and recovered patients in that area.

Important information is shared with the published infographics. This information includes detailed information from hospital bed information to intensive care units. Let’s add that a special coloring is made for the USA map. Thanks to coloring, you can examine the cases and death rates in the states on the map.

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