Johnny Knoxville’s Divorce Isn’t The Only Lawsuit The “Weirdos” Star Is Facing Right Now


It can be assumed that Johnny Knoxville’s life is filled with crazy and ridiculous stunts, but lately the actor/performer has been dealing with more serious problems, as Knoxville has a couple of legal issues that he is currently dealing with. Knoxville is currently divorcing his producer wife Naomi Nelson, and he is also being sued by the victim of one of his signature pranks.

Knoxville is no stranger to dealing with courts. Most recently, he settled an ongoing lawsuit brought by fellow “Weirdos” cast member Bam Margera. He is now close to finalizing his divorce. While we’ve seen the celebrity divorce drama drag on for years when the two sides couldn’t agree on things, it looks like Knoxville and his future ex-wife are close to settling their separation. However, another legal problem is just beginning and may cause much more serious disagreements.

Johnny Knoxville’s Divorce

According to The Blast, Knoxville and Nelson broke up on September 24, 2021, which was their 11th wedding anniversary. The couple has two children. Although more than a year has passed since their separation, it seems that the proceedings are moving forward, as Knoxville filed a disclosure statement with the court and provided Nelson with a full list of his assets and income to be used. establish financial support.

Nelson has demanded full physical custody of the couple’s two children, so they will live with her, but she and Knoxville will have joint legal custody, so the actor will still be directly involved in making decisions for them. It is assumed that there will also be payments for the maintenance of children, so the current documents are important for the divorce process. The court can now rule on the support, and once that is done, the legal separation is likely to continue.

The Trial of Johnny Knoxville

While one legal problem for Johnny Knoxville may be solved, the second is just beginning. In December, the performer of “Cranks” was sued for what went wrong in October 2022, as they call a prank. Khalil Khan is suing Knoxville and his production company Dickhouse Entertainment, Inc.

According to the lawsuit, Khan responded to a job ad on TaskRabbit to make repairs at a home in Long Beach, California. While there, he was reportedly threatened with physical violence because of work, he was accused of having drugs in the car, and a little girl accused him of killing a pony. Only after all this was he informed that he was at the center of the stunt.

This is far from the first time we have seen lawsuits over practical jokes or tricks from people who were not interested in being a part of them. Jerk stars have been sued before by people who didn’t like being part of the show. Similar tricks are also popular on YouTube, and we’ve also seen lawsuits there.

Knoxville and his company are being sued for damages, special and punitive damages, as Khan says he was traumatized by the experience and subsequently experienced anxiety and suffering. Since this lawsuit is fairly new, it will probably take some time before it gets through the system, assuming it won’t be settled before we get to that point.


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