Johnny Knoxville Understands That The Reboot Is Canceled, Despite Excellent Reviews, and John Stamos and Others Are Sending Support


No one disputes that we live in an era of rebooting/reviving entertainment, and sometimes it seems that there are a few shows of the past decades that have not been updated for the current generation. It’s even more frustrating when an original series like “Reboot” —an ensemble comedy from Modern Family creator Steve Levitan — gets axed after one season. Johnny Knoxville, whose performance was just one of many reasons to watch, spoke about the cancellation of the series and received messages of support from John Stamos and other celebrities.

In addition to Johnny Knoxville, the cast of “Reboot” boasts numerous comedy veterans, including Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Paul Reiser, Krista Marie Yu and Rachel Bloom. The meta-comedy centers around the revival of the cheesy fictional sitcom “Step Forward” and the drama that played out behind the scenes and in the writers’ room. The veteran Crank told Instagram about Hulu’s decision to cancel the series, writing:

It is with a heavy heart that I say that despite the excellent reviews and the nomination for the Critics’ Choice Award, @hulu could not raise the Reboot even for the second season. Pretty incredible. Working on this show was one of the highlights of my life, and I wanted to thank @stevelevitan and the entire stellar cast for allowing me to be a part of this show. However, this is not the end, as we tend to keep an eye on him and hopefully he will find a home with a studio that believes and knows how to properly support the new show as it continues to grow.

This is a pretty scathing message for a streamer, but the reason for Johnny Knoxville’s discontent is obvious. As he noted, the series was nominated for the Critics Choice Award as the best comedy series. It was also positively received by experts, receiving an 88% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Johnny Knoxville definitely wasn’t the only one to express his disappointment, as a number of celebrities expressed support for the actor, including Full House alumnus John Stamos, who wrote:

It sucks. Sorry, dude. It was a good show.

Other famous names who joined the performer of the role of Uncle Jesse in mourning over the end of the series (after only eight episodes) were the star of the “Reboot” Judy Greer and others who commented:

  • Judy Greer: Amen
  • Maria Menounos: What?!!!!!!!!! Where to start a protest. My husband and I are
  • Obsessed!!!!!!!

Whitney Cummings: Boo. Uncool. Surprisingly, I’m still in shock from this business.
Judy Greer shone in her leading role as matriarch Bree “Step Forward,” and former child star Calum Worthy played the funniest meta version of former child star Zach. The cast of “The Sex Lives of College Girls” Aliya Chanel Scott was great in her recurring role as a reality TV star turned aspiring actress, and these are just some of them. Moving the action from the stage to the room of writers of different generations, “Reboot” also made a sharp comment about the state of comedy in the modern world.

It’s a pity Hulu isn’t giving the “Reboot” a second season, but Johnny Knoxville says they’re eyeing it. So, hopefully, there’s a chance that we’ll see the actors and screenwriters of Step Forward come back with another studio. In the meantime, you can watch Season 1 using a Hulu subscription and check out our TV schedule for 2023 to find out which shows will premiere in the near future.


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