Johnny Depp’s Legal Team Responded After Amber Heard Singled Out Juror 15 in Appeal

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp had a long and expensive lawsuit that definitely caught the public’s attention. Although the verdict on defamation was announced more than a month ago, the legal consequences continue. And now Depp’s team has reacted after Heard singled out juror 15 in her recent appeal.
After the jury eventually sided with Johnny Depp, Amber Heard’s representatives made several different attempts to evade the verdict (and the whopping $10 million she was ordered to pay to the Pirates of the Caribbean star). The most recent strategy involved an unnamed juror 15 and whether the right person actually appeared in court. Heard’s lawyers said he had not been properly vetted by the court and therefore the decision should be overturned. Fox recently reported that Depp’s legal team responded by claiming that it was simply too late for this type of appeal, and that they already had enough time to question the jury before trial. As Depp’s lawyer Ben Chu wrote in new legal documents,
Ms. Hurd waived her right to challenge the accuracy of the information given to the jury without raising this objection at the same time.
Ben Chu said that the two people who bore the name of juror 15 are reportedly father and son, and the middle-aged son is serving time on the jury in a defamation case. Johnny Depp’s lawyers also argued that all this is not new information, and therefore it is impossible to overturn the verdict in any case. This was due to the fact that Amber Heard’s team recently doubled down on accusations that the wrong person eventually joined the jury.
These latest calls from Amber Heard’s team may be partly related to the huge amount of money she was ordered to pay Johnny Depp. Hurd was found guilty on three counts of defamation, as a result of which he received a payment of more than $ 10 million. Her lawyers have officially stated that she will not be able to pay, and this amount of money was actually also mentioned in this update from Johnny Depp’s team. The same legal documents filed by Ben Chu and company state:
While Ms. Hurd is watering the wall with an exceptional mass of dirt in the hope that something might stick, the jury’s verdict on damages was quite reasonable and was supported by evidence and testimony in the case.
It remains to be seen how successful this latest appeal by Amber Heard’s legal team will be, surrounding the juror with $15.10 million — a huge sum. And although Johnny Depp’s lawyers initially claimed that the defamation case was aimed at clearing his name, not making money, the latest update seems to indicate that they are really pushing for those millions.
If Amber Heard is still ordered to pay $10 million to Johnny Depp, this can be settled in several ways. The Aquaman actress could potentially lose the property she owns, and perhaps Depp will even be entitled to her future salary. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.