Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camilla Vasquez told which actress she would like to see on the screen


Depp is against it. The trial of Hurd was one of the most discussed trials. Given that this trial was broadcast on television to the general public, it was easy for people to form their own opinion and react to what they saw. One person who gets a lot of media attention is Johnny Depp’s lawyer Camilla Vasquez because of her harsh tactics towards Heard and her legal team. If some actress was supposed to play Camilla Vasquez in a film about the trial, then this lawyer has his own verdict on who is ideally suited for this role.

It would not be so surprising if this defamation lawsuit received a film adaptation in the future, given the attention it has been given. Camilla Vasquez told Access Hollywood in her first one-on-one TV interview since Johnny Depp’s victory was announced in the verdict, who would be a good choice for her role in the film.

I don’t know, some wonderful Latin American… Salma Hayek or Eva Longoria. Some people have said that I look a bit like Eva Longoria.

I definitely see Eva Longoria playing her. Given the social media attention that has drawn attention to this infamous libel trial, the processing of the film can work either as “I, Tonya”, where it is a pseudo-documentary feature film, or as a Lifetime film that actually documents the entire trial based on what was filmed in real life. life. Regardless of who will play Camilla Vasquez, it will definitely be an actress who will bring fire and strength to the role, just like her real colleague.

Camilla Vasquez had several viral moments during the trial, which brought her a huge number of fans. For example, there was a time when she questioned Amber Heard why there were no medical records about the alleged assault, which, according to her, Depp inflicted on her with a liquor bottle. In her closing statements, she also shared that there were too many holes in Heard’s story to be believed. Any actress who was lucky enough to play the role of Johnny Depp’s lawyer could probably get an award for her sharp lines and portrayal of a force to be reckoned with. But as far as we know, Hollywood could probably write some unnecessary dramatic plots, such as the suggestion that Vasquez might be dating the star of “Pirate of the Caribbean.”

As for the further actions of Camilla Vasquez, she will actually defend Johnny Depp again in court, where the shooting manager Greg “Rocky” Brooks claims that the star of “Edward Scissorhands” attacked him on the set of “City of Lies” and offered $ 100,000 to give him a blowback. and he was fired for refusing to promise not to tell anyone anything. His well-known lawyer’s job is to refute this claim, and they even have a witness who disputes the confrontation. There is also a new two-part documentary series called Johnny Vs. Amber is on Discovery+, where you will see interviews with Depp and Heard’s lawyers, as well as other footage and evidence that was used during the scandalous trial.

So far there has been no news about a movie based on Depp vs. After hearing the trial, keep an eye on the schedule of upcoming CinemaBlend films so that you are the first to know what is going on.