Johnny Depp’s finale in Pirates of the Caribbean is Already Perfect


“Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” has given Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow the perfect ending after 14 years of pirate adventures, which negates the need for “Pirates 6” to complete his storyline. Since 2003, Pirates of the Caribbean has become an important part of pop culture, and the wacky and bizarre Jack Sparrow performed by Johnny Depp has become the main reason for the success of the franchise. Over time, the quality of pirate films declined, dropping to a record low with the 2017 film “Dead Men Tell No Tales,” which earned Johnny Depp a nomination for “Razzie” and failed to reach the box office figures of its predecessor. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Shores. However, despite this apparent setback, “Dead Men Tell No Tales” actually became the perfect send-off for one of the most recognizable characters in modern Hollywood.

“Dead Men Tell No Tales” shows how Captain Jack Sparrow comes face to face with Captain Salazar (Javier Bardem), who escaped from the “Devil’s Triangle” and is going to take revenge after Jack defeated him a long time ago. Jack Sparrow is largely sidelined in favor of new actors Brenton Thwaites and Kay Scodelario (Henry Turner and Karina Smith, respectively) as they try to find Poseidon’s trident, which can break all curses, including what connects William Turner with Flying. Dutch. While most of the characters behaved quite predictably (Barbossa performed by Jeffrey Rush was particularly popular), the character of Jack Sparrow seemed wrong throughout the film: he was excessively drunk, never came up with any plans and often escaped thanks to luck, not ingenuity. Considering this, and despite the fact that the film ended on a high note for everyone else, it’s hard to call Jack’s ending satisfactory. Nevertheless, it is.

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From the very beginning of the series, Jack Sparrow has been a mystery. His desires, needs and motives are something that the audience and the characters around him can only guess about, except when it comes to one thing — the Black Pearl. Although the origins of Jack and the Black Pearl are complicated, getting the Pearl back has been Jack’s main goal throughout the series. The first film tells about his pursuit of the Pearl and its new captain, Hector Barbosa, and the next two sequels center around his debt to Davy Jones, who returned the ship from the locker after it was destroyed. In Pirates 4, he stole it from Blackbeard, and Dead Men Tell No Tales ends with Jack finally reuniting with his ship once and for all. The importance of the “Black Pearl” for Jack is not in the ship itself, but in the fact that it gives Jack freedom in a world that seeks to control him. The fact that he is back at the helm of the ship is the perfect ending for Jack, meaning that Jack is free from his past and can move forward again.

The ending of “Dead Men Tell No Tales” also mimics Jack’s original ending in 2003’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. “Dead Men Tell No Tales” even reinvents the famous phrase “bring me this horizon,” ending with Jack Sparrow saying, “I have a date over the horizon,” giving Jack the ending he was originally supposed to have. Before the film’s release, many expected Pirates to fail like Thug Island, with its mix of horror, adventure, comedy and romance, as well as its theme park origins. an apparent sense of completeness.

The scene after the credits in “Pirates 5” hints at the return of Davy Jones, which means that there is always hope that the time and result of the current defamation trial can bring Johnny Depp back for “Pirates 6”, despite the fact that Depp said that even “300 million dollars will not bring it’s back.” While another pirate movie could neatly tie things up for Jack, it’s not really needed as Jack finally got the Pearl by completing his main arc. The first “Pirates” and “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales” end with Jack looking at the horizon aboard his greatest love, with the crew of the “Black Pearl” at hand, looking into the distance, to adventure, freedom and endless possibilities.