Johnny Depp’s ex-girlfriend Kate Moss explained why she spoke on the podium during his trial for libel


For several weeks, the public has been watching the libel trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard play out. Many were deeply focused on the reports of alleged abuse that both stars gave during the performance, although of course many were also listening when it came to what other dignitaries had to say. One of those people who testified during the trial was Depp’s ex-girlfriend Kate Moss. The model and fashion mogul was very supportive of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor in the midst of his lawsuit with Heard, and now she’s discussing why she took the stand.

Kate Moss appeared at the trial, which lasted several weeks, to come forward with accusations that Johnny Depp, whom she dated between 1994 and 1998, pushed her down the stairs. At the stand, she claimed that Depp “never pushed me, kicked me or threw me down the stairs.” (Heard also mentioned her in court in connection with that viral fist bump moment.) Moss was asked during a BBC radio interview on Desert Island Discs about her decision to support Depp and fashion designer John Galliano when both were embroiled in controversy. As for the first one, Moss doubled down on what she said in court:

I believe in the truth, I believe in honesty and justice… I know the truth about Johnny, I know he never kicked me down the stairs… I had to tell this truth.

She expressed similar feelings when she supported John Galliano, who in 2010 was accused of anti-Semitic statements while drunk. it’s a problem, but he thinks he’s “not a bad person.”

As for Johnny Depp, Kate Moss continued to support the actor even after she appeared in court. After her testimony at the trial, Moss headed to the other side of the pond to watch his rock show. The star performed at the Royal Albert Hall in London with his friend, guitarist Jeff Beck.

The business tycoon is not the only ex who spoke out for the actor during his court battles. Ex-girlfriend Winona Ryder supported him (without appearing in court) against the background of his libel suit against The Sun newspaper in 2020. The icon of Beetlejuice filed a statement in court in which she refuted allegations of violent behavior on the part of her ex. She said, “The idea that he’s an incredibly violent person is the furthest thing from the Johnny I knew and loved.”

Johnny Depp lost the libel case, although he received a favorable verdict in the defamation case. The jury awarded him $15 million (now $8.3 due to reduced penalties). Then the actor had to appear in court because of the cases related to the attack, although Depp and the plaintiff settled the case out of court.

However, Johnny Depp’s legal issues have not yet been resolved, as Amber Heard has filed an appeal trying to overturn the verdict in the defamation case. Depp’s team responded to the appeal and later reported that the Pirates star had filed his own. Although he wants to “move on,” he has filed an application to “make sure that all documents and all legal issues will be considered by the Court of Appeal.” We’ll have to wait and see how things turn out, but at the same time, it’s safe to assume that Depp will at least get the support of his fans and choose stars like Kate Moss as events unfold.


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