Johnny Depp untouchable despite the violent accusations?


Johnny Depp is he untouchable despite accusations of domestic violence against him? A journalist is convinced of it and did not hesitate to push a rant.

According to the analysis of several experts, Johnny Depp has ruined his career in Hollywood. The actor who lost his libel case against the daily The Sun is going through a difficult time. Evidenced by his ouster from the Fantastic Beasts franchise. But will the actor be completely toast in Hollywood after the accusations of domestic violence against him? Interviewed by The Independent, critical journalist Clarisse Loughrey doubts this and deplores this situation: “The hope is always that we move forward, that ultimately, allegations of abuse will be treated with the severity they deserve and that the world of Hollywood will truly take into account the havoc inflicted when these people are allowed to occupy positions of power. Unfortunately, this is not yet the world we live in. The film industry, like virtually every other film industry. the planet, are actively working to protect aggressors. We know that. ”

Saddened by these injustices, Clarisse Loughrey continued her rant: “The victims repeatedly hear that their trauma does not matter. Two years ago, a film directed by a man who had a long history of Stories of Allegation of Sexual Abuse was nominated for Best Picture. The media still air flattering interviews with Woody Allen. Mel Gibson is still a star. I was appalled that the Johnny Depp affair was turned into filler gossip in the press. But that didn’t particularly surprise me. It’s easy to say that Johnny Depp’s career is over, but that doesn’t quite fit the narrative we see over and over again in this industry. Men who are so powerful simply cannot lose. ” A message that could not be clearer. Will the main concerned react to this bitter observation? Case to be continued. While waiting for more information, know that Johnny Depp is in the process of ruining himself financially because of his trial.

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