Johnny Depp Says He is Being ‘Boycotted’ in Hollywood


Actor Johnny Depp said he is being boycotted by Hollywood because of the court fight with his ex-wife, Amber Heard. He used as an example the film Minamata, his most recent feature film that opened last week in the United Kingdom, but which is not yet expected to arrive in the United States.

“We looked these people in the eye and promised we wouldn’t be exploiters. That [working on the] film would be respectful. I believe we fulfilled our part of the deal, but those who came later should also keep theirs,” he said in an interview with The Times website last Friday (14).

The star said he was blacklisted by the world’s biggest movie industry as well because of the libel suits he filed against The Sun newspaper. He compared Minamata’s story to his own.

In the plot, Depp is a photographer who is assigned to photograph a population of a city that is being contaminated by mercury. With that, he said that some movies touch people who feel similar things and for anything, including the boycott of him, who is “a man, an actor in an unpleasant and complicated situation in recent years”.

“But, you know, I’m going where I need to go to do all this. To bring things to light,” he commented.


Johnny Depp married actress Amber Heard in 2015 after they met at the recording of the movie The Rum Diary. In 2016, the actress filed for divorce alleging that the star of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise had been “mental and physically” abusive.

The domestic violence lawsuit turned into a scandal, as Depp was one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood at the time. Even though Depp lost roles in films like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, his legal dispute with his ex-wife is not yet over. Recently, however, he even lost a lawsuit against The Sun newspaper, which got in court the right to call him a “wife beater”.


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