Johnny Depp lost his lawsuit against The Sun newspaper


Famous actor Johnny Depp lost his libel lawsuit against The Sun newspaper because of a report allegedly “beating his wife”.

Andrew Nicol, judge of the Supreme Court in London who made the decision, stated that Sun’s report had proven “to be largely true.” The judge stated that he reached this conclusion by examining in detail the 14 cases voiced by the parties and the overarching considerations put forward by the plaintiff.

In the statement made by the defense team of Johnny Depp’s ex-wife Amber Heard, it was stated that the verdict was not a surprise, and it was noted that they will present strong evidence to the court in the USA very soon.

The Sun newspaper said, “Victims of domestic violence should never be silenced. We thank the judge for carefully examining the case and for showing the courage to testify in court to Amber Heard.

In the news of the newspaper, the expression “a great victory for the freedom of the press” was used regarding the verdict.

Background of the case

The Sun newspaper published a report on April 27, 2018 claiming that 57-year-old Depp beat Heard. Depp filed a libel case against the newspaper, which used the expression “the husband who beat his wife” for himself.

Both Heard and the former couple’s friends, relatives, and several former and current employees were heard during the 16-day hearings last July.
Depp’s attorney David Sherborne, who denied the allegations, said the case was opened to “clear his client’s name”.

The Sun newspaper, on the other hand, claimed in its defense that there was no doubt that Depp regularly and systematically mistreated his wife and that it was completely correct to call him “the husband who beat his wife”.

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Depp and Heard broke up in May 2016 after being married for about 15 months.


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