Johnny Depp Has Reportedly Fallen Out With The Director of His Film After The Trial, So Could His Comeback Not Take Place After All?


Johnny Depp’s lawsuit with Amber Heard has reportedly been settled, and now the actor can refocus his efforts on an acting career. In particular, this means a new historical film “Jeanne du Barry”, in which Depp will play King Louis XV. Johnny Depp was once one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, but if the actor was hoping this movie would be the start of a big comeback, he may have already fallen into the trap.

Vion reports on the statement of French film commentator Bernard Montilde that Johnny Depp and director Jeanne du Barry Maivenne repeatedly clashed on the set. Presumably, Depp sometimes didn’t show up on set on time, and then, in retaliation, Maiwenn sometimes didn’t show up when Depp was there. These time issues apparently led to several arguments between them during filming.

Johnny Depp has already been accused of acting strangely on set, and while there may have been a willingness to deal with it in the past when he was one of the biggest stars in the world, if Depp gets a reputation for hard work, it could seriously hinder any efforts for a broader Hollywood comeback. It has already been reported that many studios may stay away from Depp, despite his apparent defense in court. Although the verdict on Amber Heard’s libel suit was in his favor, this does not mean that he is completely exempt from any wrongdoing in the eyes of everyone. If the local reports from the filming are confirmed, there may be even fewer people willing to work with him.

This report should be treated with a degree of skepticism. It also includes a statement that Depp is going to return in the sixth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, but we know that’s not the case at the moment. Every report on this franchise has indicated that Depp won’t even appear in a future movie. Although there is always a chance that this may change, there is no sixth film that is actually happening right now anyway, so why it is claimed here that there is a movie and Depp is in it is anyone’s guess. It seems that one of the two “Pirates” projects that were in development, the one in which Margot Robbie is not involved, is moving forward, but this is far from a guarantee that it will happen at all.

Even if Johnny Depp never reaches the same heights in his career as he once did, it is likely that he will continue his career. He has a well-known name, and even a reporter claiming that there were problems on the set of Jeanne du Barry said that when the actor was on the set, his work was excellent.


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