Johnny Depp fans, Boycott’s campaign against Aquaman 2


They want Amber Heard out! Johnny Depp fans launch a strong social media campaign to boycott the Aquaman 2 movie.

A few days ago through Somagnews we learned that Johnny Depp had resigned from his participation in the movie “Fantastic Animals 3”, after receiving this request from Warner Bros.

A situation that generated great annoyance among its fans, who have now started a strong campaign on social networks to boycott the Aquaman 2 movie, which still continues with the participation of Amber Heard.

To understand this issue, it is necessary to remember that the lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has become one of the most controversial in recent months, where we have seen both of them take their ‘dirty laundry’ in the sun.

The lawsuit between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Unfortunately, this great controversy has seriously damaged Depp’s artistic career, who was not only fired from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise but has now been eliminated from Fantastic Animals 3.

Faced with this situation, the actor’s fans have asked that the same ‘punishments’ be applied to Amber Heard, who so far continues to play the role of ‘Mera’ in the Aquaman 2 movie.

Boycott against Aquaman 2!

And after the request about the dismissal of Amber Heard did not have a response from the production, the followers of Johnny Depp have started a new campaign against Aquaman 2.

With the hashtag # BoycottAquaman2, hundreds of Internet users have shown their disagreement with the presence of Amber in this film, which could suffer serious consequences and monetary losses during its premiere.

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