Johnny Depp appeared on VMA, and thoughts appeared on the Internet


The MTV Video Music Awards ceremony was held last night, and this show is always good for entertainment, even if MTV has not been doing music videos for many years. Taylor Swift brought down the whole house, as she almost always does, but a lot of interest in last night’s show came from a very strange place. Johnny Depp made his “comeback” after a series of trials, appearing as MTV’s Moon Man, projecting his face into a floating spacesuit at various points in the night.

As expected, there are many opinions on the Internet about Johnny Depp’s return to such a public forum. The fans were delighted. Those who were unhappy with the defamation verdict were upset and everyone was just confused by the whole thing. And it’s not hard to understand why, it was all very strange. Let him see.

Johnny Depp appears as moon Man on #VMA.

Johnny Depp appeared from time to time during the show, his face was projected into a spacesuit because he wasn’t actually on the show. From there, he would make a random comment or a bad joke, and then the show would go on. It was a strange way to arrange a comeback to be sure.

Why is Johnny Depp’s computer screen hanging around the vmas like this

Some found it all intentionally funny, but others found the humor more simply ridiculous. While VMAs have been a place for iconic and even historic moments in the past, the show sometimes missed the mark and instead created moments that were more embarrassing than hilarious, and some people felt that this was one of them.

Which dangling VMA celebrity was more embarrassing? Howard Stern in the role of Fartman B. Johnny Depp’s face is projected on the Moon Man, who did not conduct a survey, because the correct answer is undoubtedly B. August 29, 2022.

Of course, there were people who took the moment a little more seriously. Johnny Depp has just emerged from a long legal battle with his ex-wife Amber Heard, during which both sides were accused of slander and insults. Although Depp was largely victorious in this case, it did not clear him of wrongdoing in the eyes of many who considered Depp’s appearance to be bad form, or at least they could have if it had not been so stupid.

I can’t stop laughing, this is what his fans have called “Johnny Depp’s big comeback”

Meanwhile, on the other hand, there has always been an active contingent of fans who considered the accusations against Depp false and were glad to see him at the VMA. Several of Depp’s jokes “from inside” the spacesuit were aimed at the recent hype surrounding him, including the hint that the only reason he did it was because he had no other options, although Depp actually found a lot of work.

“You know what, I needed a job” — Johnny Depp at the Vmas

Needless to say, Johnny Depp will still be a controversial figure. Given that Depp and Heard’s recent verdict is currently under review, that probably won’t change anytime soon.


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