John Wick: The Continental Series Has New Details Revealed; look!


John Wick: The long-awaited spin-off series from the John Wick franchise is about to begin its practical production work. In a recent interview with Deadline, Kevin Beggs, president of Lionsgate Television, revealed some important new details about the project.

According to him, in the plot, instead of the participation of the character of Keanu Reeves, the public will follow the past of Winston (lived in the films by Ian McShane) in charge of the mysterious hotel.

“The series’ creative team solved a lot of problems [related to the plot] and we were very excited about the possibility of watching New York in the 1970s,” explained Beggs.

“We have a garbage strike, the mafia meddling in this business and other things that are very credible as a backdrop for exploring the film franchise.

The Continental: learn more about the series derived from John Wick

According to information provided by Kevin Beggs in the interview, neither Ian McShane or Keanu Reeves will be part of the cast of the series, but it is possible that both will make small appearances as storytellers.

However, it seems that Reeves is involved with the executive production of the project.

One of the main objectives of the spin-off is to be able to further delineate the mythology presented in the films. In this way, the series will explore Winston’s rise to power and will take on a different format from other serial projects.

“Starz is a great partner for this journey. They [the station’s producers] have been great collaborators, ”he said. “In the 1st season, we will be presenting three special events in a 90-minute time frame, which can be interpreted as a mini-series of events,” he concluded.


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