John Wick: Mel Gibson To Star In The Franchise’s Prequel Series


John Wick: It was recently announced that Mel Gibson will star in the series The Continental, developed by Lionsgate and Starz. The production is part of the John Wick franchise and will serve as a prequel to movies starring Keanu Reeves in theaters.

According to what has been released so far, Gibson will play the ambitious Cormac. Although there is little relevant information about him, it is known that the character will be directly involved with matters at the Continental Hotel, run by Winston Scott (Ian McShane).

The expectation is that the new series will show, in detail, to viewers how the place has become an environment shared by several killers. It is worth noting that the setting is very important for the dramatic construction of the franchise, as it was from a murder committed there that several upheavals occurred in John’s life.

The Continental: Learn more about the John Wick franchise series

Although the hotel is quite important in the saga of John and Winston, Keanu Reeves and Ian McShane, their respective interpreters should not appear at any time in the presentation of the series’ episodes.

Even so, Reeves will be one of the executive producers of the project and McShane has already stated that he is available to the filmmakers for possible participations. Thus, some speculations have already arisen around how the introduction of Winston in this story will be. Other possible cast members have not yet been announced by Lionsgate or Starz.

“It’s a very successful franchise,” commented Lionsgate’s Kevin Beggs in an interview with Deadline. “It has such a unique mythology and such an interesting style that we couldn’t not do something for television as well,” he added, adding that there will be three 90-minute episodes with isolated events about the hotel.

“On The Continental, we’ll see young Winston and his team arriving at this location for the first time,” he revealed. The series takes place during the 1970s, showing precious details that have probably already been mentioned throughout the films.

So stay tuned for all this news!


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