John Stamos and Bob Saget’s wife Kelly reunited to pay tribute to the “Sold Out” star at the awards ceremony, and Candice Cameron Bure got a nice response


The memory of Bob Saget is certainly preserved. His widow, Kelly Rizzo, did it in various ways, for example, sharing personal moments and celebrating his birthday. After her husband’s death, Rizzo was especially close to Saget’s colleague in the movie “Full House” John Stamos and even gave him a guitar. They recently reunited publicly for the first time after the funeral of the late comedian to honor his memory at an awards ceremony. And when Saget’s TV daughter, Candice Cameron Bure, got wind of it, she reacted sweetly to this duet.

Bob Saget’s widow and his former co-star came together to honor the star when he was posthumously awarded the IMPACT Award from Critics’ Choice Real TV Awards. This honor was awarded to the favorite performer for his contribution to the development of television. After Kelly Rizzo accepted the honor on behalf of her husband, she took to her Instagram to thank John Stamos for his participation in the momentous event:

My brother @johnstamos and I were supposed to present and accept the @criticschoice award & @ccrealtv IMPACT for Bob. It would be a great honor for him to receive this award, because all he ever wanted was to share love and laughter and have an impact.

This honor was definitely deserved, given the years when the performer devoted himself to creating the real hits “Full House” and “America’s Funniest Home Video”. And given their history, actor Uncle Jesse was the perfect person to present the award. He was very careful about his friend’s legacy, as was the case when he rebuked the Tony Award for excluding the late actor from its “Memory” segment.

But on a brighter note, after seeing the sweet communication between the famous actress and the travel expert, Candice Cameron Bure showed some love. And in the process, she proved once again that the connection with full house is still strong.:

Love it!!!!! I can only imagine how proud Bob would be!!!

Her comment really symbolizes the love between the real family of the AFHV host and the TV family. I think most would agree that the comedian would have liked this moment not because of the award, but because it involved two people he cared about a lot. You can check out Kelly Rizzo’s sentimental post, which includes photos from the event, below:

Everyone had fun times! Given that love and laughter were part of the late actor’s mantra, it’s fitting that those who knew him best did the same things after his death. His death may still be a hard pill to swallow, but you can’t help but love the fact that his loved ones are sticking together and paying their respects to him at this time.

Those looking for ways to honor Bob Saget can check out the Dirty Daddy special tribute, which is now available for streaming on a Netflix subscription along with Fuller House. You can also subscribe to HBO Max and watch all eight seasons of Full House.