John Moxley Is Apparently Fine, Despite the Concussion Ad in The Forbidden Door


John Moxley defeated Hiroshi Tanahashi in the main event of AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door, and after the pay-per-view broadcast stopped, Moxley stated that he might have a concussion. It was very disturbing considering that the fight with Tanahashi was for the temporary AEW World Championship – a fight that was caused by SM Punk getting injured shortly after taking the title off Adam Page’s Hangman on Double Or Nothing.

The match against Tanahashi turned out to be on almost all levels. Moxley opened up a lot after hitting Ace from NJPW with his head, and the crimson mask gave the match an even heavier look. Of course, that atmosphere evaporated when the Death Rider told the Forbidden Door crowd that he might have a concussion. He seemed fine during the media scrum after the event, and thankfully it looks like Moxley is fine.

In the June 28 issue of Wrestling Observer Radio, Brian Alvarez gave the following information about Moxley and his concussion claims: “He used the [concussion] line before after bloody matches where [he said]:”I’ve lost a lot of blood, I might be concussed.” I think that’s part of his trick really. But no, he doesn’t have a concussion, and he’s fine.” Dave Meltzer then chimed in, adding that “[Moxley] probably isn’t going to use the line again because he realized that if he doesn’t have a concussion, then he probably shouldn’t use the line because people are going crazy about it.”

Guilty as charged, Dave. Considering the injuries that have torn apart the AEW squad recently, Moxley’s injury, unfortunately, would not be too unexpected. It was reported that Adam Cole suffered a concussion in the “Forbidden Door”, Punk will miss at least a few more weeks, and Kenny Omega has not fought since the end of 2021. Dax Harwood broke his shoulder during a pay-per-view, but finished. match. Brian Danielson had to withdraw from the tournament and the upcoming Blood & Guts match also due to injury, while other wrestlers such as Scorpio Sky and The Bunny were also injured.

Moxley didn’t get a concussion — this is the first injury news AEW has received in recent times, and it’s certainly welcome. As Meltzer stated, this may be the last time John uses this particular line, because people tend to take concussions pretty seriously these days. They cost several wrestlers their careers and, ultimately, their lives. Almost every major sport in North America deals with the long-term effects of head injuries, and professional wrestling is no exception. Now that AEW fans know that Moxley is fine, they can look forward to seeing him along with new Blackpool Fighting Club member Claudio Castagnoli in a Blood and Guts cage match on this week’s edition of Wednesday Night Dynamite.