John McAfee, wearing thong instead of mask, detained


Famous cyber security expert and entrepreneur John McAfee was detained by the police for wearing a thong instead of a mask.

Famous cybersecurity expert and pro-cryptocurrency John McAfee was detained in Norway for wearing a thong instead of a proper mask.

The 74-year-old, the founder of the antivirus software McAfee, which bears his own last name, announced on Twitter that he was detained for refusing to wear a medically approved mask instead of women’s underwear.

The incident took place at the airport. His wife, Janice McAfee, was also with McAfee, but while John McAfee was taken into custody, his wife Janice McAfee stated that the police did not interfere with him and that he went to Munich by private plane at his wife’s request. McAfee stated that he did not want to wear a mask either.

“Masks prevent bacteria, not viruses,” said John McAfee, explaining the reason for his arrest:

“I visited Catholand just before Europe banned Catalan travel. I tried to return to Germany and the attempt was rejected. They wanted us to wear a mask. I put on my mask made of thong. They wanted me to change it, I refused. Struggle. Prison. Black eye. Exit.”

McAfee, who was born in 1945 in an American military base in England, has been facing law enforcement agencies for many years. The millionaire settled in Belize after losing a large part of his wealth in the 2008 global economic crisis and built a mansion there. When the police wanted to question him after his neighbor was killed, he hid himself from the police who came to his house by burying himself in his garden and later fled to Guatemala. McAfee, who was captured in this country, was deported and sent to the USA.

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Authorities in Belize made no charges against McAfee in connection with the murder investigation. Last summer, he and his wife were detained by a Dominican Republic policeman who accused him of going to the island with a boatload of firearms. Soon he fled to Lithuania from here.


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