John McAfee to be tried for leading cryptocurrency scheme


Cybersecurity entrepreneur and expert John McAfee had yet another crime added to the already extensive list of wrongdoings he has committed in recent years. This time, the eccentric programmer was formally accused by the United States authorities of fraud involving cryptocurrencies.

The scheme started when McAfee, using his popular and verified Twitter account, “suggested” to followers to buy a particular cryptocurrency from weekly posts. What was not disclosed is that, in fact, his selection had a very specific reason: these were the coins he had bought in batches previously, but he needed to inflate the price to resell and make a profit.

McAfee was accused of doing the fraudulent promotion alongside his adviser and security, Jimmy Gale Watson Jr. The pair reportedly earned about $ 2 million from the move, which made money from cryptocurrencies like Reddcoin and Dogecoin, being that the investment could be used for money laundering.

Crazy life

This is just one of the seven charges that McAfee will have to face in court. He was last arrested in October 2020, charged with tax evasion.


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