John McAfee arrested on tax evasion charges


John McAfee, one of the most extraordinary figures in the tech world, has been arrested on tax evasion charges. The US Department of Justice announced that McAfee, who ran for president in 2016, was arrested.

The US Department of Justice’s tax department accused McAfee of tax irregularity on June 15, following McAfee’s capture in Spain. In the accusation, he earned millions of dollars from crypto money advertising, consultancy, event talks and selling his right to life for documentary film; However, it was stated that he had requested a tax refund.

McAfee is also in trouble with crypto money promotions. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stated that McAfee has concealed that it has received $ 23 million for its cryptocurrency supplies to be announced on Twitter. The SEC pointed out that McAfee did not admit you were paid for promotions until 2018, when it received premium payments. McAfee’s bodyguard, Jimmy Watson Jr. He is accused of helping money transfer and converting cryptocurrency paid to McAfee.

In the indictment of the US Department of Justice, it was stated that it could not be claimed that he received an income share from the famous anti-virus company named after McAfee. McAfee has been distancing himself from the company that clearly bears his name for the past few years.

If the charges are justified in court; John McAfee could face up to five years in prison for five acts of tax evasion. In addition, it is stated that McAfee may face a 1-year imprisonment and a $ 100,000 fine due to the missing statement.

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