John Lynch Reveals Why Jimmy Garoppolo’s Plan Has Changed


Despite the fact that the media had been reporting for months that the San Francisco Forties were open to trading quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, general manager John Lynch instead signed him to a new contract- to everyone’s bewilderment.

According to Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News, Lynch said that serious trade negotiations were underway during the creation of the NFL Scouting Association. However, these negotiations apparently reached an impasse after Garoppolo’s shoulder surgery became known.

Lynch made it clear that the team is happy with what they came to with Garoppolo at the end. He said that the whole team is glad to have him back.

“During the unification, there were really serious negotiations. Probably 2-3 commands that I felt should have happened. It was then that the news (about shoulder surgery) appeared. we are in… We’re happy he’s here,” Lynch said.

Despite re-signing Jimmy Garoppolo, the San Francisco Forties Niners seem intent on moving forward with Trey Lance as quarterback. But this time they have an experienced understudy who knows what kind of crime is behind him.

Perhaps the decision to re-sign Garoppolo rather than fire him is due to the fear that Lance is not quite ready to take the reins of power into his own hands. But it can also be an expensive insurance policy to ensure they have an experienced leader who can take them to the playoffs in case Lance gets injured.

Whatever the reason, the 49ers seem to have forged a seemingly dead relationship with their former starter.

Will Garoppolo start any games for the 49ers this season?


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