John Lennon’s stormy relationship with his parents


If we talk about music prodigies, the name of John Lennon is one of the first to appear on the list. Leader of the famous and historic band The Beatles, he reflected in his music the experiences of a childhood marked by a turbulent relationship with his parents.

Had he not been assassinated on December 8, the vocalist of the Liverpool quartet would be 80 years old today. Lennon was born on October 9, 1940 in the same city that saw his virtuous group emerge.

His mother Julia and his father Fred decided to name him John Winston at the time of World War II because of the admiration they had for Winston Churchill. During Lennon’s early years, his father worked the high seas, and he did not have a good relationship with his mother.

It didn’t take long for John to be separated from his creators. His mother was already dating someone else and was going to have a child by him, while his father did not want to take Lennon’s charge. For this reason, the creator of “Imagine” went to live with his aunt Mimi.

Six years after leaving his son, Fred reappeared to take him on vacation to Blackpool and they would later go to New Zealand. Julia, who shared a house with her current partner, reached them to claim her offspring. John had to be part of a fight to see who would stay with him until, after crying and grabbing their hands, he decided to leave with the one who carried him in her womb for nine months.

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However, the relationship between the two did not solidify until he became a teenager. Marked by his troubled past, Lennon reflected his childhood trauma in his disobedient attitude and no desire to go to school. In contrast, the singer began to show prodigy skills, a fact that served to re-establish a connection with his mother.

Julia was a fan of Elvis and played the banjo, which caused her son to get closer to her. As a result, he surprised him by giving him his first guitar, something his sister Mimi did not tolerate. “The guitar is very good, John, but you’re never going to make a living with it,” was what was constantly commented by whoever was his tutor at some point.


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