John Legend of The Voice reacted to Blake Shelton’s statement about leaving the show


The 22nd season of The Voice is in full swing, as the teams are fully formed, and now the participants will come face to face in a combat round. But some attention has already been paid to the 23rd season after Blake Shelton’s loud statement that the season will be his last. The country star is the only coach who has worked in the band for all 22 seasons so far, so the fact that his days are numbered shocked fans. His fellow coach John Legend had some kind words about the impact Shelton has had on the NBC singing competition over the past decade.

John Legend, who will be leaving The Voice ahead of season 23, said that after serving alongside Cowboy for the past seven seasons, he understands Blake Shelton’s desire to leave the show. Legend told ET:

Well, you know, he’s been doing the show for 22 seasons, when he finishes, it will be 23, and you can’t do something forever. Although we will miss him. He’s been the heart, soul and host of the show for a long time, and he’s my friend and I really enjoy working with him. We will all miss him.

How long Blake Shelton will remain a coach on the series has been a big question over the past two seasons. Back in April 2021, he hinted that he was coming to an end, but when the show was suspended in the spring of 2022, giving the longtime coach a much-needed break, it seemed that Shelton might linger a little longer.

It turns out that this spring break actually influenced John Legend’s decision not to return to the “Big Red Chairs” next season. (In season 23, Kelly Clarkson will return for the final battle in her rivalry with Blake Shelton.) Although he won’t be at the country singer’s last rodeo, Legend said his own departure from the show won’t be permanent. ET:

My family is growing, I have a new album out, I’m going to go for a little ride, so it’s probably better to take a break. We took a break last season because we had another show in our slot that the network was trying out – and I thought it would happen this season, but in the end they wanted us to come back… But I’ll be back on The Voice, just not this season.

It looks like John Legend was enjoying himself last spring ahead of his Las Vegas residency and the release of his recent album. Promoting this album, along with the new baby he and his wife Chrissy Teigen are expecting, will occupy the EGOT winner for the foreseeable future. Thankfully, Chance the Rapper and Niall Horan are closing in to fill the last two spots on the Season 23 panel.

The next season of “The Voice” promises to be quite epic, and the 24th season will undoubtedly be strange without Blake Shelton. But at the moment there are some wonderful talents among the participants of the current season. The 22nd season of “The Voice” airs at 8:00 p.m. ET on Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC. Be sure to check out our TV schedule for 2022 to find out which new and old shows will premiere in the near future.


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