John Kent’s Unused Costume Inspired by the Su perSons Manga Revealed by DC Comics


Artist Jorge Jimenez revealed that John Kent had an almost manga-inspired image in the popular DC Comics Super Sons comic book series, sharing unused costume designs for the mighty hero. On his Instagram account, Jimenez posted a concept art of John Kent’s supersuit, which he admitted he didn’t use because he was “probably” too inspired by manga and anime. Although he ultimately chose the right suit, the new design shows how different John Kent could have looked.

John Kent and Damian Wayne have starred in one of DC’s best team books since the 2017 Super Sons title and subsequent series from Peter J. Tomasi and Jorge Jimenez united Batman and the sons of Superman in a fun adventure with the participation of young heroes. While John eventually aged in the current continuity, Super Sons eventually became a fresh and energized title in which the two heroes showed that they are much more than the children of famous superheroes. The Super Sons are set to star in DC Battle of the Super Sons, their first computer graphics movie set in the DC Animated universe.

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On his Instagram account, artist Jorge Jimenez (Batman) shared his unused conceptual sketches of the John Kent costume from Super Sons. While Kent’s clothing in the series consisted of a Superman sweater, ripped jeans and sneakers, his alternative design gave the character a look more inspired by manga. Jimenez’s design included three alternative costumes, including one closer to his father’s costume, Superman.

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The look, more inspired by the manga, comes from the second design, as John Kent wears a Superman-like sweater with rolled-up sleeves, red gloves, shorts and boots. The third ensemble is closer to what Kent would actually wear in the DC Super Sons comic book series: ripped jeans, a Superman sweater, a raincoat and blue sneakers. However, the color of the suit was different from what John eventually wore.

In addition, Jimenez shared a large number of concept art depicting Kent’s transformation from a meek young man into a superhero when he shows his Superman emblem, just like his father. The last image also shows the look that Jimenez and DC Comics eventually used.

Jimenez has proven time and time again that he is an incredible character designer, his work provides stunning and exciting images of famous heroes and villains. As for the Super Sons costume for John Kent, it’s hard to argue that what they chose was the wrong choice, as it perfectly fits the hero in DC Comics stories alongside Damian Wayne. However, watching unused manga-inspired concept art starring John Kent looks almost different, but just as funny.