John Cena Recalls the Sweet Advice Rock Gave Him While Auditioning for Trainwreck


WWE stars have to stick together, and it looks like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a real team player, and John Cena can attest to that. Since Cena and Johnson are former wrestling colleagues and rivals, they spent a lot of time together on screen and both made successful acting careers outside of sports. It would seem that the stars get along behind the scenes, because, apparently, Johnson has more than helped Cena and the success of his multifaceted Hollywood career, starting with giving him advice during his audition for Amy Schumer’s “Train Wreck.”

During a Q&A at Comic Con 2022 in Wales, John Cena explained that he actually has Dwayne Johnson to thank for his ever-growing success in the film industry after giving him some valuable tips before auditioning for Trainwreck. Sina recalls that he was very nervous, although the Rock managed to ease his anxiety with a simple sentence:

[Dwayne Johnson] is one of the reasons I have a life outside of WWE. He gave me one of the best advice I’ve ever been given. I remember I was auditioned for a small role in the movie “Train Wreck”. It was a pretty thorough audition process and I was very nervous because I had never been through this before. And I was able to ask him like, “Hey, dude, do you have any advice?” He said, “They invited you there for some reason, dude. Just be yourself.” And with this one sentence, he allowed me to calm down, let me be myself, and I’m really a fool. And they let me do it naked on the screen. …He’s the reason I’m here.

It seems that Rock is an expert at looking calm, cool and collected, so it’s not surprising that he was able to calm John Cena down a little before the audition. Not that Cena’s nerves were useless, because for the first “thorough” audition and the beginning of his serious film career, much ultimately depended on it. Fortunately, Cena clearly killed him and got the part.

The actor definitely appeared in other non-WWE projects before appearing in the acclaimed romcom. He has already appeared in action movies such as “Marine” and “12 Rounds”. Psychology fans may remember him as Juliet’s brother, and he also had several cameos throughout his career. However, it was the previously mentioned comedy that really made him a movie star and allowed the world to see him as a stupid, funny actor with great potential.

In addition to the fact that Dwayne Johnson and John Cena are fellow WWE stars, they are also now in the DC universe, where Johnson plays the role of Black Adam, and Cena the Peacemaker even gets his own HBO series based on James Gunn’s seemingly perfect “Suicide Squad”. However, Cena probably wouldn’t have had an impressive role in comics and his other films if not for his small comedic role in Amy Schumer’s 2015 noisy game.

After Trainwreck, the Cenation Leader even joined Fast Family in the 9th part of the franchise, F9. His career continues to develop, a number of projects are either completed or under development.

You’ll find both John Cena and Dwayne Johnson on our 2022 movie release schedule, with Cena joining the cast of Henry Cavill’s “Argyle” and Dwayne Johnson’s “Black Adam” (from which cool Comic-Con footage was shot last month), finally arriving in October. Johnson’s willingness to help his fellow WWE star in a difficult moment is clear proof that there is a place for everyone at the table, and it’s so refreshing that Johnson helped Cena find a place.


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