John Cena asked Nintendo for a new two-dimensional Metroid, and they sent him a Metroid Dread


Video games are everywhere, and it’s always interesting to find out who likes which games. For example, no one may have considered the famous professional wrestler Randy Orton to be an Elden Ring fan, but one day he showed that he has a level of 700+. This level will require hundreds of hours of investment, and he is certainly not the only professional wrestler or wrestling fan who loves video games.

Very often you can see game signs at wrestling competitions, even one of the AEW recently asked for 60 frames per second on Bloodborne. Interestingly, John Cena is known for his connection with Nintendo — he appeared in a number of Nintendo Switch commercials. It seems he is also a big fan of Metroid, having received a Metroid Dread from Big N as a release gift.

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In 2017, Sina appeared in a number of Switch commercials, appeared at events, etc. Now, according to Giant Bomb creative director Dan Rickert, Cena has not just appeared as a face. It is reported that during the filming of one particular advertisement, he asked Nintendo for a completely new 2D Metroid game. Many fans supported these feelings, even if they did not know that Cena shared them, and the Metroid Dread 2021 game answered these calls.

When it came out, four years after Cena’s appearance in the commercial and his request, Nintendo reportedly sent a professional wrestler a free copy of the Metroid Dread. It is reported that Cena’s team also replied that “John likes it.” Indeed, Metroid Dread has great reviews and sells well, and is arguably one of the best 2D games in the series. This report was also confirmed by Nintendo Minute co-host Krista Yang, who was present at the shooting and said that Cena is really a big fan of Metroid.

Since the launch of Metroid Dread, two new difficulty modes have been added to it, as well as a new Boss Rush mode. More is possible, but ultimately it seems that the franchise is preparing for its future. Metroid Prime 4 has a legendary development history, but fans expect it in the coming years. In addition, there are rumors that Metroid Prime Remastered will be released sometime this year.

In general, Metroid Dread may be a step in the right direction for Samus, but as Nintendo continues to promote 3D games, we must not forget that many fans like Cena also love 2D games.

Metroid Dread is already available on the Nintendo Switch.