Johanne falls in love in Home For Christmas Season 2


In a month, the Netflix streaming platform will broadcast season 2 of Home For Christmas. Johanne will fall in love!

Season 2 of the Home For Christmas series will soon be available on the Netflix online streaming platform. The main heroine, Johanne, will be more than in love!

At the end of each year, users of the platform expect only one thing: Christmas movies. So Netflix is ​​taking action to please them. After all, the online streaming platform doesn’t want them to be bored on their long winter night.

So, Netflix has just unveiled some very good news. The Home For Christmas series – which season 1 enjoyed so much – returns soon with a second season. Besides, the main heroine, Johanne, could be back, falling in love …

So the community manager of the American giant has just unveiled a good announcement. A voice-over asks Johanne how “she feels with him”. So the pretty nurse replies “safe”.

“But WHO is Johanne talking about?” Find out on December 18, in Season 2 of Home for Christmas. 🎄 “, can we read in the caption of the publication. Indeed, everyone is wondering. What man could have capsized the heart of one who never wanted love.


In any case, fans of the Home For Christmas series on Netflix are impatient to discover the identity of the chosen one of his heart. In fact, all of them share their haste in the comments section.

“Happy happy happy” “,” I look forward to this sequel with so much impatience “,” We will finally know who rang the doorbell “, or” Team Jonas! ” ♥ ️ But I doubt it’s him behind the door! I was so waiting for season 2 😍 ”

However, it will be necessary to kill time until December 18 before discovering the rest of the plot. Netflix will make all the episodes of this new visit to Norway available!


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