Joey Lawrence and His Wife Praise Anne Heche’s Acting and Personality in One of Her Latest Roles


Anne Heche’s untimely death still grieves her fans and colleagues in the film. It’s bittersweet that the star of “Vulcan” and “Six Days, Seven Nights” has projects released after her death, and the memories of these roles have kept her spirit alive, telling many wonderful stories. The latest story about Heche’s energetic persona comes from Joey Lawrence and his wife/co-star Samantha Cope, as the couple had the experience of witnessing one of her last roles in their romantic comedy Frankie Meets Jack.

Through stories about improvisation and her gracious nature, married colleagues painted a picture for people who honored Heche as the superstar her friends and colleagues knew her to be. Sharing her memories of this energy, Cope provided this beautiful detail as part of the whole package:

To every person with whom she looked into the eyes, she made his day better. She had so much energy, so much love and light.

Recently released as Tubi Original, this new film focuses on the titular couple Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope, who are sweetly dating because of their love of dogs. The role of Anna Heche as Katrina, the mother of Frankie’s friend (Samantha Cope), was added to the colorful characters. Obviously, Heche was so impressive with her quick wit that, according to Lawrence, it was difficult to edit her scenes without losing good material.

After the tragic car accident that led to the death of Ann Heche, all sorts of stories began to pour in. Emily Bergl, a colleague in the film “People in the Trees”, confirmed the rumors that Heche is “crazy”, dispelling these claims with stories similar to those that Samantha Cope shared from her experience of “Frankie meets Jack”.

Another story about the conflict with Harrison Ford, which ended in forgiveness, on issues related to her sexuality, came from Ann Heche herself in her posthumously released memoir, Call Me Ann. Whether it’s her own words or the stories of others, the legacy of the Wag The Dog star is ultimately remembered with love.

Adding Anne Heche’s benevolence to his thoughts, Joey Lawrence recalled another facet of working with a talented actor. Commenting on the overall presence she had on the production, Lawrence noted the professional excitement that Ms. Heche radiated as follows:

She was really there for exactly the right reasons. And she invested herself and really dedicated herself to it. And that’s all you can ask for when someone comes and does you such a favor. It was really amazing.

The stories of the late Anna Heche are not in short supply, with great love and positivity that she brought to everything she worked on, defining her legacy. As her own son Atlas Tupper wrote in his dedication to her, the ability of a colleague in the film “Frankie meets Jack” to solve problems and calm people down is something that will not be forgotten in the near future. The more such stories are told by people like Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope, the better the overall picture will strengthen.

Ann Heche can be seen in the TV series “Frankie Meets Jack”, which is currently being broadcast on Tubi. Fans can also read her latest memoir, Call Me Ann, as they are available in bookstores around the world. If you are interested in what other films will appear in the frame in the coming year, you can check out the schedule for the release of new films for 2023.


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