Joey King will become a murderer in his next movie


Actress Joey King will show a new facet in this action packed movie. Joey King has gained great popularity due to her starring role on the Netflix tapes The Kissing Booth 1 and 2, but this girl’s career will go further than ever with the role she will be playing soon.

Joey will play an assassin in the film based on the story of Maria Beetle, a novel of Japanese origin. In this film, she will work alongside other stars, among whom actor Brad Pitt stands out. WOW!

The film will tell the story that unleashes after several assassins coincide in the same place while each one fulfills her own mission. What will happen when such dangerous people meet?

Joey King acted alongside Taylor Zakhar in her most recent movie, but one of their scenes together has a funny mistake that you may not have noticed, find out what it’s all about by clicking here.

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