Joey King explains what tattoos mean?


Joey King’s tattoos have as much style as her and have a special meaning. Many celebrities show their incredible look accompanied by some tattoos and Joey King is no exception. This young actress has lines on her skin that she shows through her outfits, but what meaning is hidden behind them?

Just as there are people who choose to get a tattoo to convey a message to themselves or to other people, there are also those who simply choose the image that they think will look best on their skin.

However, everything seems to indicate that Joey King’s tattoos do contain a message, since the protagonist of The Kissing Booth may have captured some special moments through the tattoos that have been made.

Do you know what are Joey King’s tattoos? Here we tell you about them and what they could mean. Joey has not directly revealed the meaning of these strokes, but you will find some clues to help you understand them.


This is a matching tattoo that Joey got with her older sister. The line shows us the constellation of the major bear surrounded by the figure of a bear, but what does this figure mean to her? One of the nicknames that Joey uses to refer to her sister is Biggish bear, but in addition, this animal could represent the special bond they share, since Kelli, Joey’s sister has previously used a phone case with bear drawings. AWW!

On the other hand, we must consider that bears are associated with strength and courage, but despite its imposing image, this animal can be extremely tender and noble depending on the circumstances. King girls could relate to this animal or aspire to be the bravest despite their adorable look.

This tattoo is found on the side of Joey King’s ribs.


Joey King chose the back of one of her arms to place a tattoo with some kanjis, Japanese characters that will be familiar to many.

The actress chose to make this line on her skin after taking a trip to Japan, which was probably a unique experience for the protagonist of The Kissing Booth.

If you are interested in knowing more about the meaning of the tattoos that celebs use, we recently told you about the tattoos that Shawn Mendes has chosen for himself.

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