Joey King and Taylor Zakhar trip gave us incredible photos


The good relationship between Joey King and Taylor Zakhar gave way to romance rumors during the trip. After the success obtained by the second film of The Kissing Booth, Joey King and Taylor Zakhar went on a fun journey with some friends.

This adventure caused fans of the film to wonder if there is a special relationship between them, since both seem to have had a great time together.

But in addition to the suspicions of the fans, the trip of these celebs gave us a look at the incredible moments they shared, as they portrayed many of their adventures and shared them through their social networks.

Surrounded by nature, Joey, Taylor, his sister and other friends enjoyed the clean air and calm away from the city, so they did not hesitate to spend time swimming, enjoying the sun and also posing for some photos.

The friendly relationship of these guys has kept the attention of all their fans, who are now curious about the closeness between Joey and Taylor.

All those who joined the adventure alongside these stars made sure it was a safe journey, so they underwent the COVID test in advance and had negative results

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