Joey is a womanizer, how many women was he with?


Friends’ Matt LeBlanc reprized his role for the show’s first and only spinoff series, Joey, but it only ran for two seasons. LeBlanc, as well as the rest of the main cast, will soon be back together for a long-awaited reunion for HBO Max.

One fan calculated how many sexual partners appeared on Friends. Joey was said to have the most sexual partners, at 51.5 in 10 seasons with confirmed partners receiving a full point and potential partners half a point.

While he was more likely to have one-night stands or short dates, Joey had at least five serious relationships on Friends. Joey had some dates that he considered girlfriends, but they didn’t always last long.

There were Angela, Melanie, Erin and their brief stint as Phoebe’s twin sister Ursula. In Season 3 of Friends, Joey dated an actress named Kate before finding new potential with Kathy the following season.

Joey found a new love after an attractive woman named Janine moved in as her new roommate in Friends season 6. Then came Charlie, a colleague of Ross, with whom Joey fell in love.

Joey was revealed to have feelings for Rachel during Friends season 8. They decided it was best to remain friends, but Joey continued to harbor romantic feelings. He finally married Alex as seen on Friends.

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