Joel McHale “cried like a baby” while reading the script of the film “Community”


“It really is like a family reunion but without assholes”

Community star Joel McHale said he “cried like a baby” while reading the script of the extra film.

The actor, who played Jeff Winger in the series from 2009 to 2015, described in detail his initial reaction at the first reading of the table for the long-awaited film adaptation.

“I’m going to look a lot older,” McHale told TheWrap when asked about the new film. “I’m not kidding, so you know I’m being sarcastic about literally fucking everything, but hmm, there will be tears. We read this chart during the pandemic, and after that I cried like a child, and I’m not kidding.”

He added about the experience of filming a new project: “Everyone thinks that what I’m saying is a joke, but it’s like being together — it’s really like a family reunion, but without the jerks.

“Because you know, you go into the family and you’re like, ‘Wow, here’s my cousin. He smells.” Anyway, we really— I can’t wait. Yes, that’s all I can say.”

Meanwhile, community creator Dan Harmon said he “believes” Donald Glover will return to starring in the film.

After news of the film broke, the names of Glover and Yvette Nicole Brown were missing from the confirmation.

Harmon says he believes “based on rumors” that Glover will return, adding: “It would be difficult to really take on this case without Donald.”

“‘Six Seasons and a Movie’ started as a cheeky phrase from the first seasons of ‘Community’ and quickly sparked a passionate fan movement for this iconic, fun and cool (cool, cool) NBC comedy,” said Susan Rovner, chairman of entertainment content. NBCUniversal Television and Streaming, Variety reports.


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