Joel Kinnaman: Suicide Squad actor investigated for alleged rape


Joel Kinnaman is under investigation for an alleged rape in Sweden. According to E! News, a spokesman for the Swedish Public Ministry confirmed that the Suicide Squad actor was charged in an ongoing investigation, but the case still lacks information to confirm or deny the crime.

According to the spokesperson, “the prosecutor received the case last Wednesday [11] and was barely able to examine it. She said there is a need for further investigation before she can make a decision.” The spokesperson also stated that Swedish authorities should listen to Kinnaman, as well as the alleged victim, Bella Davis, who also goes by the name of Gabriella Magnusson.

The case comes to light a week after the actor secures a temporary restraining order against Davis, whom he accuses of extortion. According to his legal team, Davis has threatened to divulge false information about Kinnaman in the past.

“Looks like after hearing the restraining order, she filed a complaint,” Kinnaman’s attorney said. “The court documents Mr. Kinnaman filed state, among other things, that Ms. Davis threatened to divulge false information about Mr. Kinnaman, including that he had sex with her against her will, unless he capitulated to her monetary and other demands, which included Hollywood appearances, a work visa sponsorship, an Instagram verification stamp, and more. Mr. Kinnaman will be cooperating with the police to clear his name.”

On Instagram, the actor confirmed that he was involved with a model named Gabriella Magnusson and had even had consensual sex with her. Still, according to Kinnaman, after a few months, the model got in touch making the threats.


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