Joe Russo talks about the future of postal cinemas and thinks about the work of Tom Cruise


The future of the movie business is a big question, but Joe Russo thinks Tom Cruise is still there.

We see how the world of cinema has changed a lot in just the last few years. Even before the global pandemic forced the closure of cinemas, we saw a significant increase in streaming content, and although cinemas clearly did not die, look at the box office of Tom Cruise’s film “The Best Shooter: Maverick”, if you doubt it, the future may be something very different from what it was before. No one can guess what the future really looks like, but Joe Russo believes that Tom Cruise will still participate in it in the form of a bot.

A recent profile in Variety mentions that Russo Brothers’ production company, AGBO, has a major shareholder in the form of South Korean gaming company Nexon. The partnership is expected to lead to some interesting combinations of movies and games, but Joe Russo suggests that the future could be something even more interactive, like a Tom Cruise bot that viewers can chat with. Rousseau presents it like this…

Filmmaking will turn into some other medium. I do not know what kind of media it is. My guess is that when you can sit down in your house, turn to one of the actors standing in front of you and say, “Hey, Tom Cruise, wait a second.” Tell me about how you shot this scene,” and Tom Cruise, who works on artificial intelligence, can turn to you and start explaining, that’s it, right? That’s when technology will dominate any new form of storytelling.

Of course, in the last few years there has been an interest in making the media more interactive. We’ve seen how Netflix uses its platform for projects involving both games and movies. Such an idea, although it seems far away, definitely seems like something we could see.

All the individual pieces of technology needed to do this essentially exist. They just need to be put together and refined accordingly so that you can talk to Tom Cruise about the movie he made while watching the movie at the same time. Imagine that while watching these scenes, he hears the man himself talking about the training that the team conducted in the movie “The Best Shooter: Maverick”.

The theatrical film environment has always remained popular because no matter what technological innovations appear, the theatrical experience is something that most people cannot experience elsewhere. The fact is that such a level of interaction would be impossible in a theatrical environment and it would have to be carried out at home or in some other place. Perhaps if something like this really happens, we will really see the collapse of the cinema industry.

We have already seen studios switch production to smaller but larger projects focused on the theatrical experience, and although we certainly see now that theaters have not died, the attitude of the audience towards them has certainly changed. Just a couple of years ago, the future after the cinema seemed almost impossible. That’s not quite true today. Many people have found that they enjoy watching movies at home rather than at the cinema, and if technological changes only make this experience more appealing, perhaps we will really see the disappearance of cinemas.


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