Joe Russo Explains Why Marvel Studios Is Getting Involved with the Directors’ Vision


The Russo brothers have made some of the biggest and most successful Marvel Studios films in the entire MCU, but like any movie in the long-standing cinematic universe, the studio plays a crucial role in terms of how the final version turns out. Now Joe Russo has explained why Marvel Studios is too much involved with directors and their creative vision.

The Russo brothers were first hired to direct the 2014 film The First Avenger: The Winter Soldier, which is now considered one of Marvel Studios’ best films. They continued their success by shooting “The First Avenger: Civil War”, “Avengers: Infinity War” and the climactic “Avengers: Finale”, which received rave reviews from critics and fans.

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Sitting with Empire, Russo shared where some studio interference in the directors’ affairs is taking place, adding that if Marvel Studios is unhappy with the project, they will intervene, which in most cases leads to weeks and weeks of reshoots. “Where I saw problems was that the director’s version was being delivered, but it wasn’t what they expected, or it wasn’t working,” Russo explained. “Then Marvel turns it on and they come in and start working with the director much more intensively to develop fixes for the film and then move on to extensive reshoots.”

Russo also said that in the early stages of production, the directing duo and any participating screenwriters quite often collaborated with Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige, offering each other various ideas. However, once filming is due to begin, Marvel Studios becomes very inattentive until the first version is ready for presentation. “And so we had a great time working with them because we had a great level of control. Again, we are not afraid of cooperation, so Kevin ultimately only cares if he can come into the room with you and chat. He’s great at presentations… and, like, write about what you’re working on. So you had us and my brother, Marcus, McFeely and Kevin, and he would come in every two or three weeks and just sit through the day…,” Russo shared.

“And then when you leave to make a movie, they are very non-interventionist. This is your bed, which needs to be made in different ways. And Marvel is really kind of where these famous human stories come from. or they come to the post office, it’s really about how you deliver your director’s version,” the director continued, “the director receives the version, then the producer comes, and the producer participates in the process with you.” It’s clear that more than any other studio, Marvel Studios definitely has a big impact on the work of many directors in the MCU, but it makes sense because of the presence of an entire cinematic universe where most, if not every project is intertwined with each other, and continuity is crucial. .

According to Russo, who worked with his brother Anthony to create the perfect director’s version of each of their films before sending it to Feigi, there was not much friction when it came to the projects they were working on. Rousseau would imply that it all boils down to finding a fine line to walk, in terms of the studio’s intervention in a particular project and giving the director creative control. Whether it’s Taika Waititi’s revival of Thor in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, or Sam Raimi’s recent injection of bizarre horror elements in Doctor Strange: The Multiverse of Madness, fans can definitely see the voices of many directors in the MCU films they’re working on. Now, moving forward in the fourth phase, it will be interesting to see what refreshing elements the new creators can add to the MCU, as well as what this process will look like when working with a company like Marvel Studios.