Joe Rogan Claims That The Fight Between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva Was “Rigged”


Joe Rogan denied claims that Jake Paul’s victory over Anderson Silva was “fixed” and explained exactly how the YouTuber managed to knock out the MMA legend.

At the end of October, Jake Paul finally returned to the boxing ring, stepping on the ropes to fight UFC icon Anderson “Spider” Silva.

Although he did not win by knockout, as in his previous fights, the “Difficult Child” managed to defeat Silva with the help of judges’ scorecards and even a late knockdown of the Brazilian fighter.

As with his previous fighters, some critics questioned the reliability of the result, many suggested that it was “rigged” and that Silva dived rather than being knocked down.

Joe Rogan supports Jake Paul’s “legitimate” victory over Anderson Silva

Jake has already responded to these statements, but now he has enlisted the support of Joe Rogan, who spoke in detail about the knockdown during his November 2 episode of the JRE podcast.

“We have to point something out, because people are trying to say that the fight was scheduled because of a knockdown. There is a video where people are asking questions (this), I just want to explain to people that this is exactly what happened,” Rogan said, referring to Jake’s fight.

“Anderson moved forward to Jake Paul, and Jake hit him with a kind of jab. It hit him right on the chin. And when he caught him by the chin, Anderson was falling backwards, and then he deflects off his right arm and falls. He was on his feet after the blow, it looks like his right hand didn’t hit him, but his left hand ruined him. This dude hits a hell of a lot.”

The UFC commentator also added that the knockdown was “damn legal” and anyone who doubted it was “crazy” because Jake really has strength and is improving as a boxer.

“Dude, he can fight. He can fight. Is he the best in the world? No, but does he get better with every fight? Yes,” Rogan added.

This isn’t the first time Rogan has been impressed by Jake’s performance in the ring, and probably won’t be the last.


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