Joe Jonas showcases his new hair color with a selfie


The Jonas Brothers member showed his new look to fans after dyeing his hair. It had been a long time since we last saw Joe Jonas make a drastic change to his look, but the singer took the opportunity to dye his hair again and surprise his followers.

The member of the Jonas Brothers used to paint his hair frequently while promoting with DNCE, the group that Joe formed with Jinjoo, Jack Lawless and Cole Whittle, however, in more recent years he has carried his natural hair showing different styles.

A few months ago Joe cut his hair and has enjoyed this comfortable look ever since, but now he decided to dye it a color that probably no one expected.

With a selfie posted to his Instagram stories, Joe Jonas revealed his new look, showing that he had dyed his hair a light blonde shade.

Instagram Joe Jonas
The singer, who is now married to Sophie Turner, took this photo with a slight bow of his head and showed how he currently looks, showing the contrast between his light hair and the dark eyebrows that characterize him.

The Jonas fans shared their opinions on this change through social networks, showing that tastes break genres even when it comes to their favorite artist.

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