Joe Gomez “appreciates” The Praise, but Focuses Only on Liverpool’s “Consistency”


Jurgen Klopp called Joe Gomez’s performance “sensational” and “mature,” and the defender sought to continue to build consistency individually and as a team.

It was expected that the 25-year-old footballer would be needed as a right-back away from Manchester City, but another injury to Ibrahima Konate forced a change of plans.

Gomez returned with Virgil van Dijk and was duly impressed, named Sky’s Best Player of the Match, receiving praise from fans and praise from his manager after showing “what kind of player he is.”

This was his seventh start of the season, his sixth game as a central defender from the very beginning, and although this was not in the original plans, Gomez knows how to go with the flow and be flexible.

“Yes, it takes concentration and obviously you try to visualize and then everything changes, but it’s an integral part, it’s football,” Gomez told LFCTV about the change of training from right—back to central defender.

“It’s just trying to have the right approach to the game, no matter what. Keep the principles the same.

“I think the whole team has a desire. We have such a good squad and mentality that everyone intervenes and just tries to do their best for the team.”

As for his award of the Best Player of the Match, Gomez appreciates this award, but with another game in three days, he won’t have too much time to sit.

“The next one comes so fast, and then after that. Of course I appreciate it tonight, but get well and go again,” he said.

“Personally and as a team, we have to keep consistency and try to tie some performances together.”

The next chance to do that will be on Wednesday night when West Ham arrive at Anfield, but a win over City will not help, as it is necessary to show the same desire and intensity.

“Obviously, this year has been difficult and difficult for us, but I think every week we focus on the present and try to learn lessons,” Gomez reflects.

“We knew that we had to continue in the same spirit, and today something will come and give something. Hopefully we’ll just continue consistently. It’s never been too high or too low, and it’s the same here.

“It’s three points, and move on to the next one, and try to maintain consistency and maintain pressure.

“This is a platform. I don’t think we should bother too much or anything like that. Take the positives from the game, but focus and play with the same desire in the next one.

“We can’t take our foot off the gas and dwell on it, we have to keep trying to tie some performances together and see what leaves us at halftime.”


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