How Joe Giudice Really Feels About Him. Teresa Giudice’s Mystery Man


When Teresa Giudice was spotted with a suspense man during her trip to Los Angeles on the occasion of Beverly Hills on 26 September, Somag News realized exactly who and why she hung out with her. Joe Giudice

All eyes are on 47-year-old Teresa Giudice but he just looks like a friend. The Actual Housewives of New Jersey were in LA to celebrate the 15th year of the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Heart and join the American Coronary Heart Affiliation and the interrogated person’s old-fashioned friend Everlasting Magnificence. Her brother was invited by her.

“Teresa was ridiculous because she thought she was dating people who were photographed during her trip to Los Angeles because she was like another brother to her,” she said. “His name is Louis Todaro and he lives in L.A. He ID’d him for years. He even has his footage with his daughters and he has a girlfriend who was with him that night. They grew up collectively. ”

Although Teresa finds that her interaction with Louis on the rumors of romance is humorous, her husband, 47, Joe Giudice, is thought to have stayed away from him for a long time. The father of 4 daughters has been detained in an immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) detention center in Pennsylvania since March. 41-19-30 months imprisonment for mail, telegraph and department fraud. Regardless of the separation, Teresa was unaffected by the discovery of the romance on her journey and knew that Joe would not think that he would hang out with Louis.

“Teresa didn’t come to town to look for a man, belirt she noted. Ist He wanted to see Louis, so he invited him to the Eternal Beauty Event at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, and people wondered who he was and if he’d seen anyone, but that didn’t interest him at all. A very good friend of the family. Joe has no idea what it is because he’s inside, but that didn’t bother him at all. ”

Teresa Guidice at the Heart of Beverly Hills Rejuvenation with your partners Devin Haman and Dan Holtz. Celebrating bhrc.medspa for 15 years and Dan Holtz’s wonderful new e-book The Trifecta Of Well being! ”

Teresa’s melancholy about Joe’s deportation case was seen in an emotional scene in the trailer during RHONJ’s 10th season. On stage, he will see Joe talking on his cell phone while announcing his struggle to be deported and his spell rejected. I’m being deported, and that’s it. ”Joe tells Teresa, who is open-mouthed for a busy second.

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