Joe Gibbs Reacts to NASCAR’s Shocking Disqualification Decision


Sean Gardner / Getty Images

It’s been a tough weekend for the Joe Gibbs Racing team at Pocono.

Denny Hamlin and Kurt Busch took the first two places at the Sunday Cup Series tournament. But a few hours later, cars 11 and 18 were disqualified after a post-race inspection.

Gibbs reacted to the decision of Bob Pokrass from FOX:

We were shocked to learn of a violation that caused our two cars to fail a NASCAR technical inspection after the race. We plan to analyze every part of the process that led to this situation.

According to NASCAR Cup Series managing director Brad Moran, drivers’ DQ can be attributed to the front panel of each of their cars.


Some problems affecting the aerodynamics of the car were discovered. Part was the front panel. And there really wasn’t any reason why there was some stuff that shouldn’t have been, and it basically comes down to DQ.

Joe Gibbs Racing has a chance to appeal the suspension before noon on Monday.


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