Joe Exotic: William Fichtner Replaces Dennis Quaid in New Series


Joe Exotic: According to information released by the international press, actor William Fichtner will replace Dennis Quaid in the cast of the fictional series about Joe Exotic, developed by NBC. Initially, Quaid was cast to play journalist and producer Rick Kirkham, but had to be absent from the production citing scheduling conflicts.

Kirkham was instrumental in creating Tiger King, the Netflix documentary series released last year. In this way, he will be a very important character in the narrative of the fictional production, especially because of his reports on the filming of the program.

By making its debut on the streaming giant, the series even showed the world several curious details about Joe Exotic’s tiger park in Oklahoma — which increased the interest of producers to further explore this controversial story.

While the project has many connections to the Netflix series, the scripts are drawing directly from Wondery’s Joe Exotic podcast, which was also released in 2020. The release is expected to take place in 2022 on Peacock — streaming owned by NBC .

It is also worth noting that Amazon Studios is also developing another project based on the figure of Joe Exotic, which will have Nicolas Cage in the main role.

Learn more about Peacock’s series on the controversial figure seen in Tiger King
As previously reported, John Cameron Mitchell has been cast as Joe Exotic’s interpreter on this project. The actor, well known for several Broadway musicals, will star in the series alongside Kate McKinnon, who will play activist Carole Baskin.

In the plot, the two will have great confrontations due to the exploration that Joe promotes on several felines. And with the arrival of the producers of a documentary project, their controversies are gradually exposed.

It is in this context that William Fichtner is inserted with the figure of Rick Kirkham. How will the artist’s next performance be?

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