Joe Buck reacts to the announcement of the first Monday Night Football game


Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and the ESPN/ABC crew opened the 2022 season with the first Monday Night Football game of the year earlier this week.

After Monday night’s game between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, Buck met with Jimmy Traina of Sport Illustrated to discuss the first broadcast of the season.

Buck and Aikman joined ESPN earlier this year after two decades as Fox Sports partners. The veteran TV host said he was excited about his new start.

It wasn’t like any other broadcast, and it wasn’t like any other night. I was very excited about my mature young age of 53, but in a way I felt like I was 24 or 25 when I played Buccaneers and Bears on opening day in 1994.

This is the novelty. It’s like starting a new school. But on the other hand, I’ve never been nervous. It was great because my wife was there and we had time on the field and we were FaceTime chatting with the kids before she did her thing and then I went to the booth and everything was very calm.

I told her that I feel like I’m going to be nervous and we’re doing more here because it’s a separate game, unlike in most cases with late-game Fox, early games last a long time and you don’t even do a camera at the beginning of the game.

We’re doing a few segments here, and Troy and I weren’t really worried about it, we just took it as it was, and it was a great feeling and a great start to a new relationship.

Buck and Aikman had a great match in their Monday Night Football debut.

When Russell Wilson returned to Seattle for his first game in a Broncos uniform, the Seahawks scored a thrilling 17-16 victory over Denver thanks to a dizzying decision by freshman head coach Nathaniel Hackett and a missed 64-yard throw from Brandon McManus.

Buck and Aikman will take seats at next week’s Monday night football game between the Minnesota Vikings and Philadelphia Eagles.


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