Joe Biden wins critical state: Trump will ask for count again


Joe Biden won in the state of Wisconsin, the state’s 10 delegates were enrolled in Biden’s household. US President Donald Trump’s election campaign team announced that they would demand a recount in the state of Wisconsin.

US President Donald Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien said in a written statement that they doubted the validity of the votes in some parts of the state of Wisconsin, which is critical in determining the election results.

“We will demand a recount of the votes in Wisconsin.” used the expression.

Biden wins critical Wisconsin state in US presidential race

Democrat candidate Joe Biden won the critical state of Wisconsin in the 59th presidential election in the USA.

According to the unofficial results published by the American Associated Press (AP) news agency, Biden outmatched Republican rival Donald Trump in the state of Wisconsin.

With this result, Biden had 10 delegates from Wisconsin registered on his household.

In the presidential elections in the USA, the name that reaches 270 delegates, more than half of the 538 delegates, is eligible to sit in the presidential seat.

Misprinted ballots in Wisconsin cleared with the help of the National Guard

  • On the other hand, a statement was made regarding the fate of 13,500 ballots that were wrongly printed in the Outagamie region of Wisconsin.
  • Regional officials announced that the votes cast with these ballots were cleared with the help of 20 National Guard.
  • The Wisconsin Supreme Court hesitated last week to decide on the future of these ballots.
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