Joe Biden will return to South Florida on Thursday


The Democratic candidate will return to South Florida within days of the presidential election. As announced by his campaign, Biden will be in Broward County, north of Miami.

No further details about this visit have been revealed, as usual. However, it is also known that a stop in Tampa is planned on that trip.

Biden was in Broward on October 13 when he held an event at Miramar Regional Park and met with seniors at the Southwest Focal Point Community Center in Pembroke Pines.

Broward County, which tends to be very Democratic, is key to winning the Florida election, which will cast 29 electoral votes that will be decisive in reaching the White House.

The Democratic campaign is intensifying efforts in Florida, aware of the importance of this state since, apparently, it will have the key to decide who will be the president of the United States in the next four years.

This weekend, Barack Obama met with voters in North Miami on Saturday to support Joe Biden’s candidacy. That happened the same day President Donald Trump went to a Palm Beach polling place, where he is registered, to cast his ballot.

More than 56 million Americans have voted, representing almost 40 percent of the electorate who voted in 2016. Some suggest that this time around, participation records could be broken, with more than 150 million voters.

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