Joe Biden warning to companies buying bitcoin


Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse warned those who invest and want to do in Bitcoin to pay attention to the climate change policy of Joe Biden’s administration.

Commenting on a news of the New York Times shared on Twitter on social media, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse touched on the policies that the Biden administration wants to implement as soon as it starts.

Unlike the Trump side, the Biden administration will want to take important steps regarding climate change, according to the NY Times. The re-involvement of the USA in the Paris Agreement, the re-preparation of regulations to reduce emissions, and the reinstatement of energy-related decisions were also shown as part of this policy. According to Garlinghouse, Biden management will require all public companies to disclose their greenhouse gas production activities.

The successful CEO stated that for these reasons, Biden administration may also turn to companies holding Bitcoin. Garlinghouse said that Bitcoin is actually harmful to nature, as his company’s propaganda recently emphasized, and emphasized the need for XRP Ledger and XRP Token for a greener world. The CEO of Ripple stated that the damage caused by Bitcoin to the nature will attract the attention of the Biden administration and that Square, which has come to the fore with the recent BTC purchases, may also be subject to various sanctions:

“Biden will require public companies to disclose their activities and greenhouse gas emissions related to climate change. I will love to see the moves on this issue. First NYDFS and now this. Public companies holding BTC (such as Square) may want to pay attention to this. ”

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However, Garlinghouse’s comments surprised many analysts and researchers. Ripple’s CEO described the move as “a bold and bright step” when MicroStrategy announced its BTC investments in September. A possible change in the US administration seems to change Garlinghouse’s minds.

As will be remembered, in October, Jack Dorsey’s company Square bought 4709 Bitcoin as an alternative to the US dollar and invested 1 percent of its cash in the largest cryptocurrency.

Of course, the biggest move here came from MicroStrategy. The company received 38,250 BTC against inflation in the dollar in August with a huge investment and made a big splash. Thanks to the rising price since the company’s investment, they have also made a serious profit.


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