Joe Biden Wants To Establish ‘Right To Repair’ In The US


US President Joe Biden has called on the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to draft new rules for “users’ right to repair.” If they take effect, the measures will affect technology companies in full, especially Apple, as detailed the 9to5Mac this Friday (9).

The idea of ​​the North American agent is to prevent manufacturers from limiting the repair options for their products to their own workshops and authorized technical assistance. According to the White House, this limitation makes repairs more expensive and time-consuming.

According to the publication, the new executive order includes several segments, such as the agricultural industry and tractor manufacturers. The document also brings an exclusive topic for cell phone manufacturers who are preventing third parties from working on equipment repairs.

The federal administration asks the FTC to “issue rules against anti-competitive restrictions on the use of independent repair shops”, a common practice in the market. The order also calls for an end to the ban on restorations made by the user.


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