Joe Biden, the new president of the United States?


According to preliminary results of the 2020 United States elections, Biden is overtaking now President Trump by dozens of votes.

The counting of the votes of the 2020 United States elections, so far, gives the advantage to Democrat Joe Biden with 238 electoral votes; however, the accounting in Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania will be decisive in knowing who is the new president of the American giant.

In the latest counts for citizen suffrage, Biden has 69 million 41 thousand 585, which represents 50 percent of the electoral roll, while Trump reaches 66 million 760 thousand 552, equivalent to 48.4 percent.

For now, the Republican, Donald Trump, has victories in 23 states and the Democrat has victories in 21 entities.

How many states have Trump and Biden won?

Trump has been winning in the states where he won his election in 2016, except for one, which was already taken away by Joe Biden: Arizona. There are still six states where the outcome is still uncertain.

What did Donald Trump say about the first results?

The current president, unlike his Democratic rival, assured that he won the presidential election, and that he will defend his result before the United States Supreme Court after accusing both on Twitter and in a conference an “electoral fraud” in against him.

What did Joe Biden say about the first results?

The Democratic candidate called for calm and faith to wait for the results of the elections, since they have not finished counting all the votes. He assured that they are on the way to winning the presidential elections.

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